Why an Outboard Engine Is Best for Powerboating

1 July 2019
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If you feel the need for speed but would rather do it on the water, then you may be looking at the sport of powerboating. You don't want to get ahead of yourself and will start off slowly as you've got a lot to learn, especially when it comes to the technology involved. For example, should you choose an inboard or an outboard engine for your new boat?


In most cases, you should choose an outboard or sterndrive engine. As the name suggests, it is mounted outside the main structure of the boat and connected through a transom to the diesel or petrol engine. Typically, you can achieve better balance due to the position of the motor, and this will help to counterbalance any onboard weight. This will make the boat more agile and enable you to achieve a higher speed, but it can also have additional benefits.


For example, you can tilt this unit downward or upwards to alter its position in the water. Consequently, you will be able to enter far shallower water than you would if you had a conventional inboard option. Most people report better fuel efficiency with an outboard motor as well.


A boat fitted with a sterndrive will typically handle a lot better in rough water due to, once again, the balance and the shape of the hull. You may find this to be a crucial consideration if you get out into open waters or enjoy your sport on a larger lake.


Maybe you want to take up the sport of wakeboarding, and you'll find that the outboard engine is favourite here as well. You won't need to add as much ballast to the back of the boat as you would otherwise to set up the perfect conditions for performance.


You may think that a boat fitted with an inboard engine could have a more effective centre of gravity, and this may be true to an extent, but remember that this will severely inhibit its overall flexibility. As you are using this vessel for sport, you will need to adjust your angles very quickly and must ensure that the boat turns without any sizeable delay. In almost every situation, you should choose an outboard engine for high performance.

More Questions

If you have any other questions or are still undecided about engines, such as Yamaha outboard engines, ask your engine supplier. They will have a lot of experience in performance racing and can steer you in the right direction.