Why Fibre Cement Cladding Is Perfect for Your New Home Project

1 July 2019
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If you are designing a new home, you have a relatively clean sheet of paper but you need to deal with an upper ceiling on your budget, then you've got to choose your methods and materials quite carefully. You may have come up with a broad design and know that this will work from a practical and budgetary perspective, but now you've got to choose the materials to bring your dream to fruition. If you are choosing a wood frame home, then your choice of cladding is going to be critical, but the good news is that fibre cement is the perfect solution and offers you a wide choice. What do you need to consider?

All-Round Solution

Fibre cement cladding is very popular, as it is a low-cost but durable alternative to some of the more expensive options. It can be detailed in so many different ways and can be finished to mimic the appearance of concrete or stone while remaining well within your fund limit.

Cladding Types

You may be familiar with horizontal siding, as this is by far the most common style used in homes throughout Australia. The pieces are installed from the bottom upwards, with each one overlapping the one underneath and the bottom being a little wider than the top.

If you don't like the overlapping look, then you can choose another style of siding which will use a groove-and-tongue system to provide a clean and even finish. If you're going for the contemporary look, this could be perfect.


You can also install fibre cement panels underneath the eaves of your roof. You can choose vented panels here to give you better ventilation and air control throughout the building.


Remember that you will have to match these sidings with other insulation materials in order to provide protection against heat loss, water infiltration or noise. Your fibre cement supplier will be able to advise you of the appropriate products and give you the correct specification.

Finishing Off

Once you've chosen your style, you can match the colour and finish to the rest of your development. You can find an almost endless array of colours and textured finishes that can mimic stone, brick or wood.

Supply Chain

Discuss your plans with your product supplier at an early stage. They'll be able to advise you of availability and supply your materials in accordance with your build schedule.