Stick 'Em Up! 4 Fun Sticker Marketing Ideas for Your Business

8 July 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


Want to make your marketing efforts feel more modern and fun? Sticker marketing is a trendy, creative way to attract attention to your brand and get people talking.

You could design large stickers to place around your local area or print smaller stickers to give away to customers. It only takes a little bit of creativity to get people really excited about your brand, so check out the novel ideas below.

1. Stickers That Interact with the Local Environment

Creating smart or funny stickers that interact with the local environment is a great way to get people talking. For example, a coffee company could place giant coffee mug stickers over all the manhole covers in a city. When steam rises up, it looks like a real cup of coffee!

Doing something like this attracts a lot more attention than a regular ad and shows that your brand is fun and relevant. Take a walk around your city and try to identify opportunities for cool sticker campaigns.

2. Directional Stickers Leading to Your Store

Run a store that's a little off the beaten track? Creating directional stickers is a great way to guide people to your location and can also promote sales and special offers.

Creating a few nicely branded directional stickers and placing them on the route to your store can drastically increase customers. For best results, use a larger sticker as the first arrow and place it in an area with high foot traffic.

3. Stickers with Scannable QR Codes

Just released an awesome app? Finally got your new website finished? Stickers with QR codes are a great way to promote your online presence. Simply create a QR code for any link you want, then print and stick. Be sure to add text explaining how to use the QR code for customers who haven't encountered them before.

4. Free Stickers with Useful Information

Giving away free stickers is a nice idea, but how do you make sure customers actually use them? Adding genuinely useful information is a smart tactic. This could be a colour chart for designers, a recipe for food lovers or a conversion chart for school students.

Having your stickers serve an actual purpose makes them much more likely to be used, so remember to have your brand name displayed prominently.

Sticker marketing is fun, fresh and exciting. There are tons of novel ways to market using stickers, so use these ideas and start thinking outside the box. Reach out to a sticker printing business for more information.