Understanding UTE Cranes for Wheelchair Lifts

9 July 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you have a family member that uses a wheelchair, then you know the importance of having the right wheelchair lift. The lifts can be used on decks to overcome the need to use stairs. They can also be used in trucks as well as mobile options for areas of your home or business. If you are considering the use of wheelchair lifts, one of your options may be to use a ute crane. Here are some key points to understand about this option.

Rotating Arm

One of the reasons that many people choose ute cranes as a wheelchair lift is because of the rotating arm. When you use a traditional wheelchair lift, you have a basic vertical motion. There may be a gate that allows you to access the chair once it reaches the destination point. Beyond that, there is no real mobility. This can be an issue when you are moving a wheelchair from the ground into the home or from the ground into a truck bed. The rotating arm of the ute crane will allow you more mobility and moving range to sit your wheelchair in the ideal spot for your family member or for storage and transportation. 

Higher Lifting Area

Many of the ute crane options for wheelchair lifts will allow you to lift the chair higher than most traditional lifts. Keep in mind, traditional lifts are usually platforms. This means they can only lift as high as the platform allows, which may not be far. When you use a crane, you have more lifting area and can use it in multiple areas. If the crane is mobile, you can use it to lift the chair from the ground to a home deck, to a truck bed or even to the second storey of a home if necessary. This helps make the crane more useful to you and to your family member using the wheelchair.

Mobile Options

When you look at traditional platform lifts, you will find that the majority must be installed to a fixed area. This means you may need multiple lifts for your home and transportation needs. With a mobile option, you can use the same ute crane for all your locations and needs. You also can avoid installation fees and moving fees if you need to place the ute crane in a different area of the home or a different property. 

If you think that using ute crane options for your wheelchair lift needs is ideal, contact your local crane supplier. They can help you with options for mobile cranes and for cranes that can be mounted to your home decks or carports. They can also discuss installation if necessary.