3 Top Reasons Why Contractors Prefer to Hire Large Equipment for Mine Site Reclamation

12 July 2019
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Decades ago, mining companies did not know what to do once they had exhausted resources on a piece of land. Therefore, most mining firms left the sites unattended, and the effect is deterioration of the surrounding environment and communities. However, new approaches to the management of mine sites have led to the adoption of land reclamation strategies. It involves, but not limited to, closing mine openings and shafts, and recontouring, revegetating and restoring the water. Just like mining, reclaiming mine sites requires large and heavy machinery. Thus, contractors are usually confused about whether to buy the equipment or hire. This article highlights the specific reasons why contractors should hire mining reclamation equipment.

Mine Site Reclamation Projects take Time

Unlike construction projects in which all a contractor has to do is build on unaffected land, land reclamation is much more involved. As a contractor, you have to think about the different steps of land reclamation such as recontouring and revegetating. Since one stage must be completed before the next stage begins, reclaiming mine sites can take years; therefore, it would be impractical to buy heavy excavation equipment only to render them redundant once the recontouring phase is complete. Furthermore, land reclamation projects are few and far apart; hence, you cannot assign idle equipment to another project that easily. Rentals are more realistic, financially speaking, because you get to hire only the heavy machinery that you need as you go through the different stages of reclaiming a mine site. 

Mine Sites are Big

When people speak about reclaiming a mine site, it is usually about a large piece of land. Therefore, it means that a contractor needs numerous, large equipment to stay within a project's timeline. However, many businesses do not have the capital outlay required to buy all this equipment, and if they make the purchase it is, in most cases, financed by a third party. Therefore, the only practical way that a contractor can get hold of all the necessary equipment required to reclaim mine sites comfortably is by hiring. By eliminating financing bureaucracies, rentals ensure that you get the required equipment as and when needed.

Mine Sites are Unique

Mine sites differ considerably, and so it makes little sense to buy equipment which might be used on only one project. For example, the ground on some mine sites requires tracked excavators while other mine sites require wheeled excavators. Besides, most land reclamation equipment is specially designed to be utilised in specific mine conditions. Notably, the mine reclamation gear can only be operated by trained personnel, some of whom are solely provided by equipment rental companies. By hiring equipment, you get easy access to specialised staff, which goes a long way toward improving efficiency in land reclamation projects.

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