Why Use an On-Site Document Shredding Service?

15 July 2019
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While you can destroy old business documents, this can be a time-consuming job that leaves you with a lot of shredded paper to dispose of. If you have a lot of items to shred, then you can hire a document destruction company to take the documents away and deal with them. This is especially useful if your documents have to be disposed of in secure ways to meet privacy or confidentiality rules.

However, some document shredding companies also offer an on-site service that may be a good alternative. How does on-site shredding work, and what are the benefits?

What Is On-Site Document Destruction?

Document destruction companies that offer on-site services basically work on your premises. Rather than collecting documents and taking them to their own facility, the company brings shredding equipment to your offices, often in specially adapted trucks.

So, you make sure that your documents are all ready for your appointed shredding time. The company then shreds them all on the spot. They then usually remove the shredded paper for you. Typically, you'll also get an official certificate of destruction at the end of the job to show that you have disposed of the documents appropriately.

Why Would You Have Documents Shredded On-Site?

If you have to destroy sensitive, confidential or restricted-access documents, then you need a destruction company with high levels of security. You need to know that your documents will be taken to a secure shredding facility and then disposed of in the safest manner possible by people you can trust.

While professional document destruction companies have layers of security in place and run checks on their employees, you can also destroy your documents on-site yourself for your own peace of mind. Nobody bar your own designated staff needs to handle the documents until they are actually shredded.

On-site shredding also means that you don't have to worry about the documents being transported from your offices to the shredding facility. Nothing needs to leave your premises until it has been destroyed. You keep full control over the documents at all times, and you can even watch them being shredded if you wish. This may also be a quicker solution than having the documents taken away to be destroyed later. You can have your documents destroyed as soon as you can arrange an on-site visit or at a scheduled time in the future.

To learn more about how on-site shredding works, contact document destruction companies and ask about their services.