Three Central Considerations for Purchasing a Well Filter

13 May 2020
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If you are planning on improving your well water supply, you should think about incorporating a filtration system. In general, groundwater is often in good condition, and it is suitable for most domestic and agricultural applications. However, the specific quality of the water can vary depending on factors like local climate, soil conditions and well drilling method. Water filtration is beneficial because it allows for the removal of contaminants, and the water can be modified to meet specific uses. Here are some considerations to remember when selecting a well water filter.

Acquire the Quality Report

You should not choose and purchase a filter for your well before checking on the groundwater quality. As mentioned, the quality of the water will depend on the unique characteristics of the well and its environment. Therefore, if you would like to achieve the best results, it is crucial to understand your supply. Ideally, you should collect water samples and send them to an accredited lab for testing. Then, check the analysis report for details on contaminants, mineral content and other potential issues.

Understand the Issues and Usage

It is not uncommon for people to expect the impossible from a water filter. In simple terms, there is an assumption that the filtration system on the market will eliminate all types of impurities from the water. However, this is not the case. Most filters are designed to target particular elements or compounds. Therefore, when buying your unit, discuss your identified needs with the vendor. If possible, you should provide your water analysis report.

The filter supplier will examine it and make recommendations based on the state of your well supply. It is also advisable to have a clear plan for water usage. For instance, if you intend to use the water for human consumption, you must think about safety, clarity and odour. On the other hand, water intended for agricultural purposes will only need to be safe. If there will be multiple well applications, you might want to look into point-of-use filters.

Think About the Piping

The piping for the well water supply system is a crucial consideration when purchasing a filter. Therefore, you should plan for a plumbing inspection before installing your filtration product. One of the core concerns is the possibility of water recontamination. For example, old pipes might add harmful compounds into your water after filtration. If this is the case, plan on replacing the piping. It is also important to think about water hardness. Hard water can damage pipes, so incorporate a softening strategy in your filtration system if the water is hard. 

To learn more, contact a water filter supplier.