The Benefits of Using Hydroponics in Your School

19 May 2021
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Growing fresh produce using hydroponics is beneficial for more than just the environment. Hydroponic gardening projects are a delightful way to teach children about where food comes from and how farming can be used to create sustenance. This blog will cover some of the basics of setting up a hydroponic system in your school, as well as explaining what makes it so special and successful.

Why you should use hydroponics in your school

In a world where eating fresh, organic food is becoming increasingly challenging, growing your own fruit and vegetables has become a necessity for many families. Hydroponics projects can be used to teach children about the importance of eating healthy.

Hydroponic gardening projects also help kids to learn about the process of farming. Through the creation and maintenance of their very own mini-farms, students gain insight into how plants are grown from seeds and how they grow to produce fruits and vegetables. This experience can instil a sense of appreciation in children for what farmers do to sustain life on Earth, which is something that can often be overlooked by urban dwellers.

Benefits of Hydroponics

Environmentally friendly

Hydroponic gardening projects are environmentally friendly. In addition to allowing children to grow their own food, they also allow for the use of water that would otherwise have been wasted. This is especially beneficial in high-density urban areas, where water consumption can be higher than it should be.

No need for pesticides

Hydroponic gardening projects do not require the use of any pesticides. Since there is no soil involved, there is no chance of contamination. As pesticides can often be toxics to humans, children will begin to learn how to eat healthily and avoid harmful chemicals on their food.

A wide variety of produce

Hydroponics students can grow a wide variety of produce, from crops as varied as cucumbers to tomatoes and peppers. This means that children have access to fresh fruit and vegetables all year long, not just during the summer months.

Easy set up

Hydroponics is an easy process to understand, and therefore easy to teach students about. Everything from water usage to the care of produce can be taught using this gardening method. This means that even children with no previous experience can learn how to grow their own food through hydroponics. The kits generally come with everything that you need to grow a whole variety of produce including seeds, plants, nutrients and even lighting. 

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